Keep the Trust

1625tiny  Tech for youth is produced by social enterprise sixteen25, sister organisation to Cernis.

Innovation Labs co-produced the specifications for seven digital resources that will enhance young people’s mental health. Our team is developing Keep the Trust; we are: Yvonne, Katie, Nico, Lydia, Jonathon. This is the essential tool that every professional in youth-related services should have bookmarked on their desktop. Keep the Trust is aimed at non-mental health professionals working closely with young people who have emerging or existent mental health difficulties. The target group includes professionals such as home tutors, sports coaches, youth and community workers, as well as parents and carers.

We initially envisaged the product as likely to be a well curated site of all the resources already out there. But this vision ran counter to our intention to use a Lean Start-up approach, in which we propose to test our assumptions both about the market and the product, being prepared to pivot if those assumptions are invalidated.

So yesterday Katie and I, in having a free and open conversation with our mentor and evaluator James, uncovered our first assumption and agreed it couldn’t be validated. First pivot!

Why crowd-source the views of young people and professionals in order to understand what content is wanted, when we could use the same energy to crowd-create new content?

This was liberating and enabled us to think about disruptive tech. Now we will cut out unnecessary steps without compromising on customer development or young people’s involvement. We will crowd-source materials produced by both young people and professionals about mental health. Then we will crowd-create to fill the gaps. The materials are likely to be multi media, including video.

Curation will still be crucial in engaging users and ensuring they find what they want/need. We are now thinking about and looking for examples of the use of graphics to “picturefy” the curation.

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