Update on e-learning

This week I caught up with two good colleagues involved in e-learning. Nic Blackwell and I have collaborated many times and his company OCB Media is a beacon of quality in a market where there is such a lot of dull mediocrity. OCB specialises in medical and health programmes and we have worked together on a number of child and adolescent mental health projects. OCB has recently launched a new content management system (CMS) and new learning management system (LMS).
I also had a great conversation with Georgina Matson-Pippard of Epilepsy Action. George has recently produced e-learning around epilepsy, using a CMS called Storyline (also known by the trade name Articulate). Somehow I had omitted Storyline from my previous post, even though I spent much of last summer learning how to use it under the tuition of our talented intern Wingy.
The exciting thing I learned this week is this:
Both of the content management systems mentioned here give the option to export e-learning packages that will run on any device. They are clever enough to work out the browser capability and run on either Flash or HTML5. This is good news for our customers, who will be using a range of browsers and devices.
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1 Response to Update on e-learning

  1. Annabelle says:

    Having spent six hours completing e-learning this week, I have to completely stand behind you on the importance of it being easily accessible on multi browsers/servers/devices.
    My work one is interactive, it is relatively bite sized, and it is free (actually paid by company who then pay us to complete it, bonus!) but I hate it because I can’t do it where, when, or how I like. It literally only works on Internet explorer, which is only on the family desktop.
    I don’t work well when I’m not comfortable, so ultimately I learn less too. In the day and age of smart phones, tablets etc. life is lived on the go…surely the beauty of e-learning is it’s flexibility, and surely that should extend to flexibility around device, operating system and browser too. Well, I hoped!

    Good luck with it!

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